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  Equity Research Monthly Market Outlook
HD Research Monthly Market Outlook score July 100%

HD Monthly Score July 100%


Portofolio recommendation and target price (1-month)


1. HMSP (HIT) (TP: Rp.3.850) (close 25/06: Rp.3.650) (close 25/07:Rp.4.015)


2. UNVR (HIT) (TP: Rp.44.850) (close 25/06:Rp.43.650) (close 25/07:Rp.44.850)


3. GGRM (HIT) (TP: Rp.66.500) (close 25/06:Rp.65.500) (close 25/07:Rp.77.475)


4. ICBP (HIT) (TP: Rp.17.150) (close 25/06:Rp.16.500) (close 25/07: Rp.17.450)


5.  ASII (HIT) (TP: Rp.7.100) (close 25/06:Rp.6.650) (close 25/07: Rp.7.450)


Total HITS (5), MISS (0), Hit Score 100%


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